What Is Volleyball? all what you need to know about volleyball

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Volleyball is a game for two teams, usually of six players, in which a (volley)ball is hit by hand over a high net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court.

Volleyball is popular throughout the world. Over 800 million people play one of the many varieties of the game, and with good reason: it's great fun to play and exciting to watch.

Volleyball rules in short:
A player on one of the teams begins a 'rally' by serving the ball (tossing or releasing it and then hitting it with a hand or arm), from behind the back boundary line of the court, over the net, and into the receiving team's court. The receiving team must not let the ball be grounded within their court. They may touch the ball as many as three times. Typically, the first two touches are to set up for an attack, an attempt to direct the ball back over the net in such a way that the serving team is unable to prevent it from being grounded in their court.

The rally continues, with each team allowed as many as three consecutive touches, until either (1): a team makes a kill, grounding the ball on the opponent's court and winning the rally; or (2): a team commits a fault and loses the rally. The team that wins the rally is awarded a point, and serves the ball to start the next rally.

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